Wealth Planning

True Wealth and Financial Planning

At FLP Financial Group, Wealth Planning starts with understanding our whole client. Our process begins with our client prioritizing the things that mean most to them. These priorities are used to define each client’s True Wealth vision and the reference point to which we refer back to throughout our process. Wealth planning is not just about the money, but about how each part of their life (family, financial, wellness, community and spiritual) interconnects.

Wealth Planning is a map of each individual’s personal goals. There is not one path to get there. But with proper awareness and education, our clients understand how each financial decision they make can affect other areas of their life both short term and long term. At FLP Financial Group, we will help to keep you going in the right direction and plan appropriately for what may get thrown your way.

What differentiates FLP Financial Group from other wealth planners is our client education. We review each client’s income and spending through our Spend with C.A.R.E. ® program. Our trademark program Captures and Categorizes your expenses, Analyses and makes you Aware of them, helps you Realign and Execute a spending plan that is congruent with your True Wealth plan.